OiNK Admin: “I Created OiNK to Better My Skills”

Says he wrote the code for the famed BitTorrent tracker site to increase his “employability,” and that any money donated by users was intended for site maintenance not personal use as the prosecution contends.

The trial against Allan Ellis, former admin of the beloved BitTorrent tracker site OiNK, continues unabated with testimony by Allan Ellis who’s defending himself against charges of conspiracy to defraud by prosecutors.

He told the court that he created OiNK to “further my skills,” and “to better my skills for employability.”

The prosecution charges that the site was “about large scale, professional, clever, technical ripping off,” citing the more than $300,000 dollars he had stored in $30,000 increments scattered throughout 10 different bank accounts.

Ellis countered that any surplus donations were simply that – a surplus – and that he had no intention of profiting from the site.

“This was just surplus donations,” he said. “The money had to be stored somewhere.”

He said the surplus was obviously for site maintenance and server rental and that he had planned to eventually use it to buy a dedicated server for the site.

Ellis described his life as “very basic,” and shared a home with students and friends, hardly the lifestyle of someone allegedly reaping bountiful profits for personal gain.

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