Demonoid Returns!

Beloved BitTorrent tracker site comes back to life after a lengthy downtime.

It’s a been a little over 3 months now that famed BitTorrent tracker site Demonoid went offline after suffering from hardware issues that resulted in some unspecified data loss.

It followed the site’s closure from November 2008 to April of this year thanks to pressure from the Canadian Recording Industry Association(CRIA).

Demonoid’s absence has been deeply felt by all in the BitTorrent community who considered it a solid go-to site for everything from random TV shows and sports games to the latest and greatest from the world of cinema and music.

So it’s welcome news to learn that the wait is now over, that Demonoid is back online, previous individual share-ratio and all.

It’s “currently testing the newly written code” that was rewritten for those parts of the site that suffered data loss and says that “more downtime is hopefully not necessary, but might be a possibility” so access to the site may be a bit touch and go initially.

“Welcome back, we missed you!” it adds.


Stay tuned.

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