UK ISP Now Requires Court Order for Disconnection

Karoo had been disconnecting file-sharers after one accusation by copyright holders.

Late last month I reported how UK ISP Karoo had been been disconnecting BitTorrent users accused of copyright infringement after a single notification by copyright holders without offering customers a chance to dispute the allegations.

The practice was revealed by several of its customer and led to a widespread backlash for it admittedly “exceeding the expectations of copyright owners.”

Karoo is now backpedaling from that policy and will instead require that copyright holders obtain a court order to disconnect their customers from the Internet.

“We will no longer suspend a customer’s service unless we receive a court order from a copyright owner taking legal action,” Karoo said in an e-mail to TorrentFreak. “As a result it is the responsibility of the legal system, not Karoo, to ensure the accuracy of the information provided by the copyright owners.”

The Open Rights Group, the grassroots organization that fights for civil liberties in the digital world, had complained that the accused are given no chance to contest the accusations or allowed to make an appeal. Copyright holders were judge and jury.

Karoo’s new policy at least ensures their customers get their day in court. It’s just sad that an ISP made them work so hard to get it.

Stay tuned.

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