ItsHidden Offers FREE VPN Service!

Anonymize your BitTorrent downloads and Internet traffic now.

BitTorrent users face a gradually escalating game of cat and mouse as anti-piracy companies and ISPs institute ever increasing methods of seeking out and preventing copyright infringement these days.

Just yesterday I mentioned how UK ISP Karoo, after disconnecting accused BitTorrent users after just a single accusation, still takes the remarkable steps of instituting a “three-strikes” plan of its own without a govt mandate.

So its welcome news to learn that ItsHidden is now offering a FREE (yes FREE) VPN service for those interested in keeping their Internet traffic and BitTorrent downloads anonymous.

Features include:

  • Fast and reliable with over 4 Gigabits of Dedicated Bandwidth
  • Instant access
  • Total Privacy, no records of your surfing are kept by us
  • No Software is needed
  • 128 Bit Secure Connection to ensure privacy over all network

“At ItsHidden we create a connection called a VPN,” reads the site. “This is a secure connection that encrypts all your information and is not readable by anyone else so wherever you are your privacy is always maintained!  There is no software required and ItsHidden works on all Platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, IPhone etc..”

How it works is when you connect to ItsHidden they create a ‘Tunnel’ between you and them. All of the data in this ‘Tunnel’ is then encrypted to 128 Bits so only you and ItsHidden know the contents of what is being sent.

Unlike other VPN services like the Pirate Bay’s IPREDator, which costs about $7 bucks a month, ItsHidden will always have a free service option. However, it will eventually roll out a paid service for about $5 bucks a month that will offer other features like port forwarding for example.

““It has been created to put some rights back in the favor of the user and that includes us,” David of ItsHidden told to TorrentFreak. “There are so many bodies, mostly unelected that seem to have full access to the most intimate of online details with little or no justification and more importantly, no evidence.”

As you can see below ItsHidden’s servers are currently located in the Netherlands, but it plans to spread them out once it leaves BETA.

Try it out for yourself, it only takes a few minutes to configure.

Stay tuned.

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