“Don’t Copy that Floppy!” Part 2 Coming Soon?

Hilarious anti-piracy PSA from 1992 to be updated this summer?

A few years back I posted a a hilarious anti-piracy PSA with a rapper singing “Don’t Copy that Floppy!” in an attempt to scare young people out of making unlawful software copies in the pre-file-sharing age.

Well, it seems somebody over at the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) is undeterred by the outlandish claims and laughable attempts to scare kids the first time around and is in the process of releasing an update to “Don’t Copy that Floppy!”

“Anti-piracy hero MC Double Def DP will return in the summer of 2009 to drop some more knowledge on would-be pirates in the sequel to 1992’s “Don’t Copy That Floppy!” reads a post on a YouTube video submitted by AntiSoftwarePirates.

Now the video is so laughable that I had to double check several times to make sure it was directly linked to the SIIA website, which it is.

Here’s just a few of the odd attempts to scare file-sharing kids….

A. Mother of teen file-sharer in hair curlers fighting swat team cop off with rolling pin in kitchen…

B. Male file-sharer in prison cell tattooing fellow inmate…

The latter one’s my personal favorite, hinting as though a judge would actually sentence a teenager to hard time for downloading a game illegally. If the final “Don’t Copy that Floppy!”is anything like this teaser we’re all in a for a real treat.

Watch the whole thing for yourself. What’s your favorite scene?