Free online video ripping with Zamzar

This easy to use site lets you rip video from internet clips on sites like YouTube and MySpace without any of the usual hassles of software configuration, proper codecs, etc, and also lets you do the same with files already hosted on your own PC.

Zamzar is a free online file conversion site that allows users to convert files from your PC as well as rip the audio and video from files hosted on the internet.

With a few easy steps users can select a video URL and rip the video into a format of your own choosing, making for a great way to grab music videos and the like, and also to rip videos into the more manageable .AVI, MPEG, or even iPod and mobile phone .3gp formats.

Unlike conventional methods, Zamzar deals with all the program, codec, and conversion bitrate headaches so that all you have to do is sit back and wait for the finished file in the format that you’ve selected.

Additionally, regular video ripping tools out there only allow you to rip the file in the preexisting format, and for sites like YouTube with its .FLV format this mans you still have converting work to do if you really want to be able to have some flexibility in using it.

Zamzar takes away all of this hassle and lets you rip and convert with a few simple clicks.



To rip and convert video clips from sites like YouTube, the steps are pretty straightforward.

1. Select a video file.

I’ve chosen this one from Daxflame, YouTube wunderkind and all around “ubergeek” whose guaranteed to make you laugh every time.

Once you’ve decided on the clip to use, select “URL” on the Zamzar homepage as shown below, as we will be ripping and converting from a “URL.”

Now cut and paste the link or the “URL” of the video clip in the dialogue box and select the “Add URL” tab.

2. Choose the video output format.

Here I selected .AVI but, depending on how you wish to view the video content you will need to select the format accordingly. For iPods, select “iPod,” for mobile phones select .3GP, for MACs use .MOV, and for regualr old PC viewing select .AVI or .MPEG.

3. Enter the e-mail address of where you wish to receive the file.

This is how the final video is made available to you, and you can have it sent to any e-mail account you want.

4. Begin the “CONVERT” process

Select the “convert” tab to begin the file conversion.

After selecting the “convert” tab you will get the following popup message. Click “OK” to confirm that the settings are correct.

6. Download the converted file.

After a few minutes or so depending on the size of the video file, you will receive an e-mail as shown below that will include a download link for you to retrieve your file with.


For files already stored on your PC, mobile storage, or portable media player device, the steps will be the same as shown above.

The only variation is that in STEP 1 you will “Browse” for the video file you wish to convert instead of linking to it on the internet.