Watch Tons of Your Favorite Movies On-Demand for FREE!

Watch Tons of Your Favorite Movies On-Demand for FREE!

Learn how to watch tons of your favorite movies for free wherever and whenever you want, even on your iPhone and iPad.

Streaming movies for free online has never been easier. There are literally tons of sites with new ones launching practically every day. The trick is finding the good ones; separating the the good from the bad, quality from the clutter.

I will discuss three of my favorite ones, and the great thing about two of them is that the streaming movies will also play on mobile devices like your iPhone or iPad.

1. YouTube

As funny as it might sound, YouTube has TONS of full length movies to watch on-demand if you only know how to look properly.

The key is using the search query “full movie” (direct link here). The selection tends to be bit dated, but it’s FREE and easy to use.

This method works on the iPad and iPhone.

Also, you can also download copies of these movies to watch later without an Internet connection by using our guide here.

2. Anton Pictures

This is another YouTube link, but lists many movies that don’t have the “full movie” tag in the name (to thwart copyright holders).

 The list can also be a bit dated, but it’s regularly updated and has a pretty good selection to choose from.

 This method also works on the iPad and iPhone.  

3. Project- Free TV

Don’t let the name fool you. In addition to tons of on-demand TV shows it also has tons of on-demand movies available.

You can search by genre, year, or title.

The selection is by far newer than those on YouTube, but doesn’t support the iPad or iPhone.

It’s that easy.

Stay tuned.

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