Vista: A Disappointment to Gamers

If you’re a true gamer, then you use Windows, and that’s pretty much the end of the story. The upgradeability, the wide range of titles, and the community certainly are important reasons for equipping yourself with a PC. I’m not even close to being categorized as a gamer, although I used to be.

I went into Best Buy a couple of months ago to purchase a new PC, since I really need to have a Windows machine around for some of the work that I do. I was looking for certain criteria in the computers, but having the latest and greatest graphics card certainly wasn’t the highest item on my list. I knew what I needed, and I couldn’t justify spending the extra money for things that didn’t really matter all that much to me.

Despite my firm stance, the employees working in the department kept trying to pressure me into purchasing an upgraded rig that was better for gaming, but even though I’m a male in my early twenties, that doesn’t mean that all I want to do is play video games.

Unlike me, there definitely are a lot of you who enjoy playing video games frequently, and the numbers have shown that the industry is huge. Gamers invest a lot of money in optimizing their systems to get every ounce of performance that is possible, and there’s no doubt that Windows XP has been put through a lot in the name of gaming.

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Jared Moya

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im starting to get the inclination that vista wont be the abomination that its looking like. not that i expect that its worth the upgrade (even for free) i just think that some of its disadvantages are being blown out of proportion. the DRM namely. its going to suck cock but its not like anything you download from BT its going to have DRM in it. things just wont change that much. the only difference is the people that play by the rules (iTunes) are going to get the shaft more than the rest of us.


Well why does Microsoft need to put 12 different kinds of DRM in vista? Don't you think that is a BIT overkill? I sure do. The point is simple....they want to control your computer period. But I don't think that vista is going to be the horror OS that everyone is talking about. There will be "clean" versions in a short while but that does not excuse Microsoft from trying to literally take over your computer by controlling everything you do with DRM. As far as the "official" version is concerned I still say wait until the lawsuits start because companies and indivudials get locked out of their computers because of the stupid DRM. Then mabye the courts will force Microsoft to cool it on the DRM tangent they have been on.