Google Offers Free Office Bundle To Rival Microsoft

Google has recently released an office based software bundle that is focused on replacing the ever-frustrating Microsoft Office programs. For those of you that try very hard to break free from Microsoft, Google’s offering will seem like a dream.

Bundled and free of charge, Google Docs & Spreadsheets will take the place of Microsoft’s software and add features not yet seen. The programs that Google offers allow a user to share documents online within a web browser, a feature of Web 2.0’s wonderful advantages.

Writely and Google Spreadsheets are both part of the “office killer” rumor that was started earlier in the year. After Google acquired Upstartle, they moved to release Writely and Google Spreadsheets quickly.

You can edit documents online and then publish them to a blog or other Web sites. This gives both functionality and ease of use first place for the programs. Do you feel Google made the right move in offering this bundle? I do.

Microsoft has worked very hard to create software that you just cannot do without…and in that they have made a little Microsoft planet of programs you have to use to stay productive. Google will rival that quickly and they have definitely taken steps that will allow this.

I see Google following in the footsteps of Microsoft but playing the game a bit more fair. We’ll see how this turns out, but I can wager Microsoft will feel Google hot on their heels and deep into their pockets. Just visit the Google pack page and look at how much they have learned from others.