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Google Allows Code Search

Google Allows Code Search

Google is trying to woo the software developers that utlize their site now. After much talk about how Google had tried very hard to index books and copyrighted materials, now they are allowing you to search code so that it might help you write your own software.

Google Code Search is a novel new idea put forth that will open up billions of lines of code to devlopers.

Google feels that this search allowance will be used to learn source code, not to copy it, but I have a feeling they are reaching for the stars in thinking that. What would keep someone from copying your source instead of going the hard route and writing their own? How will Google keep this from happening? They won’t…they HOPE that you use it for learning.

Although most of the code is open source, so that you can reuse it, Googles feels the search will be about how to make your OWN open-source software…using the searches as a guide only.

Google engineers already use this technology internally and they’ve decided it would be a good idea to expand and allow others to use the same process. The search will allow both keyword searches and “regular expressions”.

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