How to Download Videos from YouTube

How to Download Videos from YouTube

Guide to downloading your favorite videos from the world’s most popular video-streaming site.

Everybody has their favorite YouTube videos. From the baby who only calms down when hears the music of hip hop artist the Notorious B.I.G. ┬áto the to the hilarious “Double Rainbow” guy there’s a never a shortage of entertaining videos to watch.

For many, however it’d be nice to be able to download YouTube videos so that one could watch them wherever or whenever they want. Being able to download YouTube videos would also mean you could store them just in case they’re deleted from the site and lost forever.

In a few easy steps I’ll show you how to download YouTube videos so that they’ll be yours forever.

1. Download and install Google Chrome.

It’s one of the safest and fastest Internet browsers around, and offers many extensions to customize your browsing experience.

2. Install the YouTube Downloader extension.

This free browser extension allows you to download any YouTube video as a .MP3 file, a HD MP4 video file, or an FLV. It adds a convenient “Download” button to every YouTube page that you then scroll down to choose your desired download format.

3. Go to your favorite YouTube video.

4. Choose what format you want and select “Download.”


And that’s it. You’re all done. If you’re looking for how to download more than just YouTube videos we also have a guide to BitTorrent and how to download your favorite movies, TV shows, and music albums.

Stay tuned.

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