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Create Your Own Music Video Experience With

Create Your Own Music Video Experience With announces the redesign of its site. With the look and feel of a ‘social music network’ and new interactive features and tools, users can now build their own library of videos, create and publish playlists, and browse other users’ collections as well as the best music video collection on the web.

They can use the new ‘browse and search’ to filter their selections by popularity, genre, era, etc. They can even browse through the lists created by other users. Each video has a thumbnail image making it easy to identify.

Dedicated fans can use the new ‘my media’ tools to build their own collections. By creating a “VJ Profile” they can access their favorite music videos whenever they log in. Other VJs that save the same song are linked through the title page for each music video allowing people to find others with similar tastes and to explore their collections for new musical discoveries.

VJs who want to express themselves can build playlists and arrange the order of songs to create an emotional experience. For creating music video playlists or “shows,” a new drag and drop interface has been introduced which makes it easy and fun to edit shows.

Jared Moya
I've been interested in P2P since the early, high-flying days of Napster and KaZaA. I believe that analog copyright laws are ill-suited to the digital age, and that art and culture shouldn't be subject to the whims of international entertainment industry conglomerates. Twitter | Google Plus

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