Creating torrents with Azureus

For those unfamiliar with basic BitTorrent terminology, i.e. upload, torrent, etc., a guide can be found here at Zeropaid to assist you, as can a beginner’s guide to getting started with Azureus, the BitTorrent client server we will be using.

Now a good friend of mine was trying to figure out how to put his band’s greatest hits album on the internet for BitTorrent users to download, and thus I decided it was a perfect opportunity to write this guide on creating a torrent to upload files. A torrent contains the metadata about all the files it makes downloadable, and also contains the address of a tracker that coordinates communication between the peers in the swarm of which one shares the file or files. We’ll go step by step and walk you through the process of getting your torrent up and running in no time at all. So sit back and keep your arms and legs in the ride at all times.

The first step in creating a torrent is to find the announce URL on the site you wish to upload the torrent to. For most sites it will be quite simple to find, as it is usually listed as a link in the main header of the homepage. For others you may have to do a bit of legwork, and for others still uploading may be limited to a select few, in which case permission from the ADMINs must be sought. Either way, once you find the announce URL we can proceed.

Next open Azureus, if not already open, and select new torrent from the file tab as shown below.

This will bring up the make a torrent dialogue box in Azureus. Where it reads announce URL, this is where you will place the announce URL from the site you are uploading the torrent to. To finish here, select either single file or directory, meaning simply that, one file or a multiple number of.

In the next screen, select the file you wish to upload, be it a single file or a directory. As an example, Kevin Fagan and the Bermuda Bunch – GREATES HITS is the album I want to upload.

After you select the file or files to upload, click the finish button on the bottom part of the box.

This will set in motion the actual creation of the torrent as pictured below.

The dialogue box will automatically close when completed. Now simply locate the torrent you just created and load it into Azureus for seeding. You can do this either by simply dragging and dropping the torrent into Azureus, or by selecting open torrent file from the file tab.

NOTE: For those looking to learn how to download torrents as well, a guide can be found here at Zeropaid to assist you