Russian ‘Legal’ Music Services offer More ‘Bang-for-Buck’ is one of the top ‘legal’ download music services in the United Kingdom. AllofMP3 is a semi-legal Russian mp3-download service. They operate with no agreement from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) or any other lobbying group representing the major music labels.

Russian laws do not actually apply to digital media, currently they only affect physical media. The RIAA attempted to shut down AllofMP3, but that resulted in no response from Russian prosecutors.

It is currently unknown wether or not AllofMP3 pays artists or record labels, but chances are good they are not. The German government declared AllofMP3 an illegal website, because they have no agreement with copyright holders.

Sites like AllofMP3 and MP3Search (a similar Russian service) pose a great threat to the RIAA-controlled sites like iTunes and Napster. Currently the RIAA wants to raise prices of songs on iTunes from 99 cents, which some say is absolutely ridiculous.

Russian music charges only about 10% of non-DRM protected music, in many cases you can purchase a full music album, in digital format, for under $2. The new Pink album is selling for only $1.63, while on iTunes it sells for no less than $9.99.

Not only are prices betters with services like AllofMP3 than iTunes, but all songs can be purchased in various formats, ranging from WAV-rips (highest quailty), to MP3 (typical P2P quailty) and in formats like OGG, which is considered a high-quality compression, much better than MP3.

Users are really getting more ‘bang-for-the-buck’ by purchasing from the Russian music services. Better prices and ability to do what they wish with their paid-for music. And at this point, it appears, the RIAA cannot do a single thing to stop it.