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MPAA Suing IsoHunt & other Torrent download sites

MPAA Suing IsoHunt & other Torrent download sites

From IsoHunt:

As Reported Everywhere, MPAA issued a press release that thay are now suing,, and a number of other BitTorrent, eDonkey and Newsgroup indexing sites. I still have yet to receive a formal cease and desist letter directly from MPAA Legal, but all seems to indicate this is for real and it’s only a matter of time.

This is somewhat a followup to the series of MPAA letters we’ve received a year ago.

At this point, it is still uncertain what they are actually suing us for, considering we have a thorough copyright policy outlining our stance and takedown procedures. It is sad that despite our best efforts in cooperating with copyright owners, in both disabling copyright infringing links to their works everyday while for others, helping them distribute their works globally and cheaply using P2P technologies, it is still not enough for the MPAA. Have they ever learned from the VCR or Napster? When will corporations stop fighting technology and learn to embrace it to benefit all of us?

To this end, us, and, are forming a coalition together with other P2P operators being sued and yet to be sued, and if possible with the help of the EFF, we will fight for the right for technological progress and the legality of the search engine itself. It is too early right now to say what we need for help from you, but if the MPAA will not back down, I’m sure we are going to need your help. And no, we will not go the way of LokiTorrent or Suprnova.

Anyways, nobody panic, and let the torrents flow. If you like to talk to us live and chat with other fellows in the community, come chat on IRC on #isoHunt on P2P-IRC (SSL enabled on port 7000, you need a client like mIRC ). We’ll update as we learn more.

UPDATE 26/02: Of all the P2P sites being sued I am in contact with, none of us have received anything directly from MPAA yet regarding their pending lawsuits. And so far we are not aware of any US court cases that has actually been filed yet against us.

Well at least they seem determined to keep up the fight!

Jorge A. Gonzalez
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