DVD Authoring with WinAVI

How to rip and burn DVDs using the popular WinAVI program.

There are many programs to choose from when creating a DVD. WinAVI and Nero seem to be the most popular, the latter being my personal favorite. Now in additon to converting your video files they both are able to burn them to disc as well, so you only have to use one program when creating a DVD. The main difference between the two programs, aside from cost of course and additional features and functions, is the ability to create menus. WinAVI doesn’t allow for menu creation in your DVDs and Nero does.

In this tutorial I will cover WinAVI, as it’s like I said the most popular, not to mention cheapest, of the two.

What you’ll first want to do is ensure you’ll have the proper CODECS (COmpression / DECompresion) for converting the video. I reccomend ACE Mega Codecs Package , as it’s free as has just sbout every darn CODEC you’ll ever want or need.

Next you’ll need to download WinAVI

Now to begin, open WinAVI and select the “DVD” button.

This will bring up the selection window, where you’ll choose which video file you want to burn to disc.

Next, you’ll have to choose the desired output, where for the purposes of this tutorial it will be DVD. For questions about the different formats, i.e. VCD, SVCD, and DVD, check out this tutorial, Basic Video Media Author . And, of course select where you want to create the DVD folder.



The file will then begin the conversion process, as shown below. Notice at the top there’s a box you can select to “Open the preview window.” By selecting this you can watch the video conversion process. It’s quite boring mind you, but it can allow you to watch the speed at which it is taking place.

Finally after the conversion process concludes you will see the completion window. Now it’s time to burn the DVD folder you just created.

We now come to the part that seems to give people the most trouble. The common problem is that the DVD folder is usually labeled Video_TS, and already contains VOB files. VOB stands for DVD-Video OBject, and refers to the fact that they are already encoded in the DVD, or MPEG-2 format . So keep this program in mind whenever you need to burn Video_TS folder’s created or found elsewhere.

Select the Burn you VCD,SVCD, and DVD button.

Now after selecting DVD movie select the folder you wish to burn. In WinAVI it labels them numerically, as shown below, rather than as Video_TS as mentioned above.


Were almost home free. The menu box will show the selected DVD(or VOB files) folder to burn. Select the device drive and speed with which you wish to burn the disc.

Finally, press BURN.

Presto, you’ve created a DVD. Like anything it’ll get easier over time.

The biggest thing to remmeber in all of this is that Video_TS folders are already DVD encoded, you simply have to burn them to disc. Many people download these types of folders and wonder what the heck it is when they open it up and see VOB (DVD-Video OBject) files in it. They feel ripped off, like they downloaded a book in Chinese rather than English.

The only drawback with WinAVI is that it doesn’t allow for menu creation. For those out there who want to get fancy with their DVDs I’ll be going over another program called Nero , which is also popular but also more expensive.