Advanced Azureus Techniques

There are a ton of cool and awesome settings on Azureus that often go either unnoticed or simply overlooked by us all. Here I intend to go over the 5 coolest features of Azureus, showing where they are and how to use them. So sit back, relax, and we’ll tango and tangle with them one by one.


Please note: the torrent contained in the client window is one of those rare legal kind offered up by the website Legal Torrents .


Tip #1



This is one of my favorite as often times you don’t want to download a whole album right? Well, with this feature, unlike some other clients, you can choose from high, normal, do not download, and even delete. With this you can choose to download your favorite first, i.e. high, and then even the lames ones not at all.


To use this feature simply double-click on the torrent of your choice in the main window, brining it up in it’s own window tab. From there simply right-click on the file you wish to adjust the settings of (as shown in image below) and change accordingly. Be careful, because if you select do not download by accident it will reset all the data contained in the file to zero, hence the term. I’ve done it more than once on some large files and it wasn’t very fun at all. In fact, it just downright sucked.


Trick #2



I never really use this feature, but for those NEOTRACE heads out there you can select users by IP address, or by client if you wish to get elitist, and then clickety clack clack, kick and ban them from your download swarm.


Its not usually very nice, but maybe sometimes necessary if one is to be the true king of his own castle.


After selcting a torrent, click on the Peers tab, then simply right-click the user and select Kick and Ban.

Trick #3



This one doesn’t really accomplish much in the way of tangible effects to ones downloads, but it "sho’ is" cool to check out. It shows a visual representation of the swarm cluster by tracker selection.


Simply click on the Swarm tab to bring this beauty up and watch the data transfer back and forth before your very eyes. In and out, in and out, it’s like soft porn for the tech geek with too much time on his hands.


In the image below you can see the torrent tracker and the five guys (or girls? They don’t have "thingy’s") I’m currently connected to. The solid circles denote the seeeders, and the half-circle at the top is the lowly leecher. The circle located in the center, and also a leecher of course, is yours truly.

Trick #4



Rather than adjusting the global upload speed, one can also micro-manage and adjust groups of torrents instead.


Here all you have to do is select the torrents you wish to adjust, right-click, and scroll through selection shown below until you get to the actual speed settings.


This comes in handy if more than one of your torrents is uploading at far greater speeds than the others and thus affecting their download rate. You can use this feature to keep them in check and throttle them down a bit.

Trick #5



Ever wonder what the current seed ratio is on a torrent but have no idea how to check and see what it is? Well below is a screenshot from the tab that allows you to do that and more.


First off, all you’ll notice the seed ratio towards the center right-hand side of the image below. That of course is your download to upload ratio, and as you can see here I still have some work to do.


You can also how much of the data you’ve downloaded so far and it’s availablity, as seen towards the top of the image. this can help you get a better sense of the overall progress of your download versus a percentage on the main page. Everybody does better with visual representation right?


Azureus is filled with all kinds of cool "bells and whistles" if you stop and take the time to explore and play with it a little bit. Fortunatelty for you, I’ve saved you some of that time and effort and hopefully enlightned you about some of the cooler and seemingly unknown features of this kickin little client. Next time I’ll go over some of my favorite plug-ins for those wanting to learn more, but in the mean time check these features out and make Azureus be all that it can be.


In additon, if oyu want to maximize the download speeds of your torrents in Azureus, check out this guide to optimize it’s settings.