Defragmenting Your PC

Why defrag ment your PC?
Regularly scheduled defragmentation your PC is very important in maintaining your hard drive’s optimum performance.




A good metaphor is to think of your hard drive as a desktop covered with pieces of paper or files. Each time you add or remove files you scatter these pieces of paper around your desktop, so for your PC to find the files that you want it has to look through all of them every time.




By defragmenting your hard drive you do just that, your computer organizes all of its files and thereby makes retrieveing them faster and easier every time.




How do I defragment my hard drive?
There are many programs out there you can buy that allow you to simply schedule automatic defragmenting of your hard drive, but for those who like the word free, I’ll show you how.






Now simply select the hard drive you wish to defragment and press "ok."




Now just sit back and enjoy the ride. Depending on the size of your hard drive it should take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to finish




Microsoft reccomends degfragmenting your hard drive once a month, but I suggest more frequently depending on how often you add or remove programs from your PC.