Top WinMX Alternatives

Here at, we have seen our fair share of file sharing networks come and go over the past 5 years. As you might know, is the premier file sharing / P2P portal; assisting millions of technology enthusiasts discover P2P technology.

The departure of WinMX comes at no better time, technology has grown tremendously over the years since WinMX initially came to the surface of P2P. With the loss, come great adventure and I encourage WinMX pilgrims to explore other P2P software, as this is a great time to explore alternatives.

In this article, I briefly go over some of the top choices and let you discover for yourself why P2P is here to stay.

View all P2P SoftwareBitTorrent

The BitTorrent community has exploded over the past year and BT software has gained leaps and bounds over conventional P2P software with the advent of web based trackers. However, BT is a different style of protocol compared to WinMX, so I encourage advanced P2P users to give BT a try. Make sure to check out this article that explains how to improve your BitTorrent speeds and ZP’s section on BitTorrent tracker sites.

  1. Azureus
  2. BitComet
  3. iSwipe
  4. TorrentSpy
  5. BitLord 


eDonkey is a file sharing network used to share music, video and software. Here are some of the popular eDonkey clients.

  1. eDonkey
  2. Emule
  3. xMule
  4. aMule


gnutella is a file sharing network used to share music, video and software. Gnutella clients connect to other peers on the network (network horizon) to communicate between each other, thus forming a network were peers can share files. On average, there are 1.5 – 2 million users on the gnutella network.

  1. Shareaza
  2. BearShare
  3. LimeWire

MP2P Network

The Manolito P2P network (MP2PN) is exclusive to MP3’s only, which allows for an excellent selection of tunes found on no other network. The Manolito P2P network is decentralized which means MP2PN does not rely on a central server for connectivity. Here are some of the options. Blubster Piolet

Direct Connect

Direct Connect differs from many P2P networks, using DC you connect to a "hub" where others are connected to, allowing you to search for files only found in the hub. There are thousands of hubs to choose from, many vary in subject, but this allows you to communicate directly with other users with common interests.

Many have applauded DC because it allows users to connect to others with similar tastes. For instance, if you are looking for underground hip hop or ground breaking rock & roll, you can join hubs with a similar interest to find popular tracks.

  1. DC++
  2. Direct Connect Client

Ants P2P

Ants P2P protects your privacy while connected and makes untraceable, hiding your identity (ip) and crypting everything you are sending/receiving from others.


Soulseek is a free ad-free spyware-free p2p program good for music. Soulseek also has a neat easy to use interface which you can make it the way you want it.

Be sure to check out our complete listing of "Other P2P / File Sharing Networks", networks that fall under the radar of prying eyes.