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RIAA dual disc scam

RIAA dual disc scam

Did you know the Big Music cartel’s RIAA owns the new dual disc technology?


“The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced a newly-created program through which any record label can obtain a license for use of the logo for DualDisc, an innovative new product which combines music, film and video on a single, two-sided disc,” it says

Aaaah. So the RIAA doesn’t own it. It’s just another vacuous cartel ploy. This time, it wants you to buy a graphic that’ll also prove you’re among the gullible who’ve been conned into thinking the RIAA in some way oversees the applications of dual disc technology, and that you need its permission to use it.

“The RIAA program was created to ensure consistent quality and avoid consumer confusion,” says the record label enforcerment organ. “Use of the DualDisc logo is available to any record label, independent or major, U.S. or international-based, for a nominal fee. Trial licenses are available for those labels that desire to explore market interest in DualDiscs for their artists.” Trial licenses? To test what?

“We are excited to do our part to broaden acceptance and understanding of DualDisc,” says RIAA president Cary Sherman. “It is another illustration of an industry that is working hard to bring greater value to consumers, both online and in record stores, with high-quality, value-rich products.”

A ‘trial license’ is, “limited to two releases by Licensee and its Affiliates in the aggregate within a one year period is available at a cost of $100,” says the RIAA. “A license that is not limited by number of releases is available at a cost of $250 per Covered Label, up to a maximum of $2500 per year.

“Even if licensee has more than ten (10) Covered Labels so that its license fee is capped at $2500, each Covered Label must be registered through the DualDisc Licensing Website to be covered by the Agreement.”

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