Zeropaid Interview: Jorge from Zeropaid

From it’s start as a gnutella portal, Zeropaid has made it’s mark in the file sharing world.

With it’s large membership and it’s thriving forums Zeropaid has become an important first stop for many file sharers interested in joining the p2p culture.

Today Zeropaid News was fortunate enough to catch up with Jorge Gonzalez Owner and Co-Administrator of The Zeropaid Network, to give us some thoughts on Zeropaid, P2P and whats in store.

Let’s Get Started!

Zp: What inspired the creation of Zeropaid and did you expect it to grow and harbor such a large community?

JG: I came up with the name one night when I first started living with Chris in early 2000. The name really has nothing to do with file sharing, Napster or gnutella. ZEROPAID represented my state of mind at the time; ZEROPAID exemplified self expression regardless of compensation. I was involved with many different organizations and activities, and I never thought about the money, rather the knowledge and experience I would gain from my experiences.

At the time, I never expected Zp to grow into what it is today, since the landscape was so underground and scattered. Our intentions originally were nothing more then a Hotline community. This philosophy did not last long; we sensed a revolution coming in the music/technology space and we were right.

Zp: Zeropaid once focused solely on Gnutella, when did you decide it was time to expand coverage to file sharing in general?

JG: I can’t really give you a date, but once new technologies came out, we couldn’t sit by and only offer one aspect of p2p technology, we wanted to showcase the entire p2p spectrum, de-centralized or centralized networks. We didn’t want to bottle neck ZP, we knew the potential of p2p and we wanted to be the leaders in independent discussion.

Zp: Members have repeatedly asked if Zp would consider making an original P2P app, can you give us your thoughts on this and why it may or may not come to pass?

JG: Chris and I have talked about it since 2001, and we’ll never stop talking about it. We have been thinking about writing CD burning software for newbies, but we need to finish the next version of Zp first! Maybe someday, but for now we are happy where we are at and look forward to serving our community the way we have for over 5 years.

Zp: The file trading community pre napster exchanged material through IRC, Newsgroups and BBS, since the fall of Napster file sharing has exploded among the masses through proliferation of easy to use programs with user friendly GUI’s. Bringing it mainstream. What’s your take on this phenomenon and why do you believe the mainstream has accepted it so readily?

JG: Free music and the availability of the product. P2P can reach more people in an instant then any other media can. It’s the most powerful marketing tool. I would go as far as saying that p2p has more influential power then the radio in specific demographics. If it wasn’t so powerful, you wouldn’t have all these record companies investing thousands into p2p tracking labs. O yeah, most of the record comps have these little secret p2p labs where they track trends, determine when CD’s are released, popular downloads etc. The distribution mechanism has changed in music, and the big wigs are years behind. Point is, people want options when it comes to listing to music, we don’t want to fed music. Cheers to the bar in NYC that streams music off a laptop to its customers; you understand the art of music selection!

Zp: What are your thoughts on the trade industries legal battle with movie and music downloader’s? Do you think their methods will be successful?

JG: No, a waste of time. Only technology can defeat technology.

Zp: Zeropaid has gone through many changes June 20, 2000, what’s in store for Zeropaid? Can you give us an idea of what to expect in the future?

JG: Chris and I have been working on a completely new version of Zp for about 4 months now; we have new site features that will excite avid Zp visitors. You can expect many great things from Zp this year.

Zp: What are some of your other projects on the web?

JG: I have been really busy working since the end of summer on projects for my clients; I haven’t had any time to create new online properties. I would like to use this time to say THANKS to all those visitors that purchased Zeropaid Clothing over Christmas, we appreciate the business and look forward to your business again.

Zp: Well Jorge on behalf of the Zp Community I thank you very much for your time and insight, thanks for your work on Zeropaid Networks and for giving us our own little corner to congregate on the web!

JG: Thank you; I can’t imagine my life without Zeropaid.

Interviewer: Bryan M.