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Court Urged to Hear File-Sharing Case

Court Urged to Hear File-Sharing Case

A disparate group made up of dozens of state attorneys general, labor unions, retailers, professional sports leagues and others urged the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday to hear a claim brought by the recording and film industries against two Internet file-sharing firms.

In legal briefs filed with the court, the petitioners stressed the justices should take the entertainment companies’ case and finally resolve conflicting lower court rulings on file-sharing, said Steven Marks, general counsel for the Recording Industry Association of America.

The filings are designed to support a petition made last month by a coalition of major recording companies and Hollywood movie studios who asked the court to reverse lower court decisions clearing Grokster Ltd. and StreamCast Networks Inc. of liability for their customers’ online swapping of movies and music.

Grokster distributes file-sharing software of the same name; StreamCast distributes a program called Morpheus.

In August, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco upheld a Los Angeles federal judge’s ruling in a copyright lawsuit brought by the entertainment industry against Grokster Ltd. and StreamCast Networks Inc.

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