The Spyware and Adware Guide II

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2. What is Spyware / Adware

3. Is Spyware illegal?

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What is Spyware?
A general term for a computer program that gathers data and reports the findings back to an advertiser or internet marketing firm. Spyware is a way for freeware software authors to make money from the software, rather than selling it to the users for a fee.

Spyware is often bundled with file sharing applications for the past 3 years and continue to be included in most freeware p2p applications. However there is a growing list of file sharing companies who boast no Spyware in their software.

The internet has seen a spike in the amount of Spyware programs included into free software. Several high profile file sharing companies offer a paid ($3.00 – $15.00) version that contains no additional software. Purchasing a paid version of the software is a great way to support the development of new software from the company, most Spyware supported programs lack the functionality of the paid versions.

How does Spyware make its way to my computer?

  1. Spyware programs can be secretly installed when installing freeware programs. Freeware programs are computer programs that cost nothing to use, but earn revenue bundling Spyware into programs. Almost like a commercial for TV.
  2. When installing a computer program on your computer, it is important to pay attention to the options presented when installing. Many times people click “Next, Next, Next” and bypass additional software includes, one of the ways Spyware finds a home on your computer.
  3. Websites can run scripts that install browser Spyware or cookies to track web statistics.

Some computer users claim that the only way to permanently remove Spyware from your computer is to reformat the hard drive(s) when all else fails and you can’t get rid of the software. We don’t suggest you do this immediately after reading this article if you have a problem, but you should always take this into consideration if you cannot rid your computer of annoying Spyware programs.

Common Spyware

• Hotbar
• I-lookup
• n-case
• Savenow
• Lycos sidesearch
• Gator
• Mysearch
• Xupiter
• Comet Cursor
• Eates
• OnFlow
• Bonzai Buddy
• Brilliant Digital
• Comet Cursor
• CommonName
• Gator
• OfferCompanion
• Trickler
• WebHancer

• Hotbar• I-lookup• n-case• Savenow• Lycos sidesearch• Gator• Mysearch• Xupiter• Comet Cursor• Eates• OnFlow• Bonzai Buddy• Brilliant Digital• Comet Cursor• CommonName• Gator• OfferCompanion• Trickler• WebHancer

What is Adware?
Software that collects data and delivers targeted advertising to the end user. The most common found Adware delivers pop up advertising to users of a computer. Have you ever been on your computer and suddenly a message pop ups on to your screen? If so, you most likely have some form of Adware installed on your computer.