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Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft vs. Lik Sang

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft vs. Lik Sang

“On September 16th a lawsuit against Lik Sang International Limited and it’s directors was filed in the High Court of Hong Kong by the companies Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft alleging infringment of copyrighted material by the selling of Mod Chips or other development and backup devices for the Plaintiffs consoles.

On September 17th, the High Court of Hong Kong issued Orders and Injunctions against Lik Sang which prevented selling or advertising Mod Chips (and other similar products in question). The details outlined in those Injunctions basically took, the company and more than 20 full-time employees “down” – business was officially closed till today. Lik Sang and it’s employees couldn’t even speak about the case due to an injunction of the High Court.

Lik Sang International Limited has removed all the products in question from it’s website and started it’s business operation again this Tuesday, October 15th. Un-shipped orders will be processed in due course and the first shipments are scheduled to be dispatched by November 1st. Customers with unshipped orders will receive emails with shipping & or cancellation information. In the meantime, new orders are welcome.

Please note that Lik Sang International Limited has always sold the products in questions with the legitimate uses in mind. The products haven’t been considered by us as illegal. All the Court Orders were issued before hearing a single word from the company. However, Lik Sang is now not in a position to sell the questioned products in the immediate future. ”

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