Hollywood: One big target!

Funny how it goes for Hollystupid and how the cyberspace revolution is giving them a good boot in the butt. It used to be I could not make copies using a vcr to copy a dvd. Now it’s no problem downloading divx rips of most high demand dvd’s. As soon as you hear the dvd is being released, the rip’s ready and waiting to download at your nearest p2p free rental station in dvd quality. Lord of the Rings, The Majestic, Tommy Boy, Orange County, The Tannenbaums, Black hawk Down…it’s all out in cyberspace in dvd quality. Drop a step down in picture and sound quality and watch cams of Signs, K19, Gold Member and any other movie that’s still in the theater.

I would be glad to pay for dvd quality downloaded movies vs. store bought dvd’s but I don’t feel like waiting around for 5 years for the mogul’s to come out of a collective coma. It was a long wasted wait with hdtv for me. With so little hd content I have yet to buy an hd tuner. Instead I hooked the pc into the hdtv and started downloading divx/dvd movies. Listen up consumers everything looks good on an hdtv and the KILLER APP is hooking up a good old fashion pc to your brand new hdtv. The rip’s off p2p’s look great as well as dvd’s, dish tv/pvr, pc games, the internet, family digital photo’s or cams and finally xbox in high definition.

What’s the problem mogul’s?? I can now make copies of anything off my dish or rip dvd’s using my pc plus download most hit movies in dvd quality for free.

It seems all the mogul’s want to do now is protect the slightly better next generation high def dvd and or high def movies with drm and copy protection. To bad mogul’s that the next generation of music and movie formats is not THAT much better then consumers have now. Added to that consumers may run from your next generation of crippled content.

Mogul’s don’t like changes unless they think it’s a win for them. When people swarm to something new and cool Hollystupid’s ready for a fight. This is the fight that happens every time consumers find the next cool thing and has been going on for 70 years. When a new technology shows up like radio, tv, vcr, cassettes, dat tape, pvr, mp3 hardware. Have content mogul’s ever been ready and waiting with new cool content or did they first have the my way or the highway fight with you over say your mp3 player or your vcr 20 years ago. Now pc’s, p2p, mp3’s etc. have shown many a better way but many consumers are waiting in limbo wondering when everyone is going to agree to agree. Based on hdtv don’t hold your breathe.

I figured it all out and understand at least in my micro view of Hollystupid’s p2p problem that as in the past they have to be forced into the next cool thing. All the fears they have had with any new thing from radio to p2p has or in the case of p2p will be proven wrong.

My proof you ask? Well I added up all the hardware in my house that plays content from hdtv/home theater, pc’s, mp3 players etc. and added it up against the content I have purchased over the last 10 or so years and you know what the content of dvd’s cd’s vhs added up to a hell of a lot more than the hardware side of things.

So my conclusion is Hollystupid has and always will cry wolf.

Wake up moguls we would like a p2p pay version of movies sometime before the next ice age. Oh yeah don’t forget to make sure the picture quality is as good as I’m getting for free.

If you read this post but have not given p2p a try I would suggest a quick stop at www.zeropaid.com. a portal that should give a basic understanding of how to be a part of the p2p revolution. Unless of course the flurry of news stories about your government wanting to possibly enforce felony criminal charges against you for sharing files on a p2p network scares you.