The Best Software Distribution Tools for Developers

The Best Software Distribution Tools for Developers

EDI, bar-code scanning, automated reporting and global visibility are just some of what software distribution tools can offer developers. Cloud-based inventory, such as customer management systems (cms) and subscription billing services, are two examples of apps that help you manage yourself as a business, while access to cloud marketplaces are essential to reaching customers around the world. It has never been a better time to be a developer than now because SaaS applications can be distributed so efficiently and to so many customers.

Software distribution tools are the tools used within an SMS (systems management server), and they allow developers to efficiently perform tasks in reduced time and with far less complexity. Developers still wield the power even when these tools are developed by third-party companies, as the SMS installer scripts can be changed and many of the tools can be customized to suit specific needs.

Developer Center – “The infrastructure.” Although you may prefer to manage your apps, products, and services in your own SMS, there are manageable management servers ready-built to be integrated on your website or internally in your business. These include quick-access buttons, such as one-click navigation to your Google Apps Dashboard and your app market. This dashboard can be customized to include any or all of the below-mentioned tools.

Storefront Builder – No matter how you distribute your products, whether through a storefront or on a marketplace, a listing platform can help you manage everything from pricing to user management settings. There’s even sections for customizing how a customer purchases your developed product, such as on-going subscriptions or one-time payments.

CMS – A high-quality CMS is crucial to developers, as it records customer data as well as their subscription information. You can even tell if you’ve seen some repeat business when you have multiple products. This will allow you to better market to your best customers.

Cloud Marketplaces – For developers who want a broader reach, a successful cloud marketplace can pay out big with without the effort or cost of building a marketplace. Simply integrate with the marketplaces API, publish to their network, and watch the cash roll in. It’s really that simple.

Managers and Schedulers – Management programs and schedulers help you manage your workflow. You can automate applications to run at specific times, or simply use it to keep yourself on track with task management software.

As a developer, you understand that not everything can operate seamlessly with everything else. Although it may not be possible to get all of your development tools from a singular source, it may be better to bundle as much as possible. This is going to help ensure your apps work well together, as well as you’ll have access to customer support capable of solving compatibility issues, if they should arise. And, it’s often cheaper to bundle these services. To save more money, consider outsourcing your IT department or hiring a trusted individual to work from home for you.

Using the top software distribution tools ensures you’re reaching a broader audience, and that you can focus more time on developing more products and services to sell. An SMS is specifically designed to reduce your workload, and some of the frustration of bringing developed web applications and other services to market.