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This Is My Jam: Share & Discover Songs that “Truly Matter Most”

This Is My Jam: Share & Discover Songs that “Truly Matter Most”

Free online music streaming service allows you to share and discover songs that “truly matter truly matter to your friends.”

There are tons of free music streaming services out there,  each with their own little niche way of delivering users the music they want to hear. Users in turn sharing music with others is one of the more common features of online music services, most often via playlists or recommended tracks.

This Is My Jam is a free music streaming service that goes about things in an entirely different way by only offering music recommended by users, and only allowing users to recommend a single track at a time.

This Is My Jam is all about pick the one song that means the most to you right now, and in turn discovering only those songs that truly matter to others.

From the site:

Choose one song. That song that’s been stuck on repeat, that one you love. Personalize it and share it with the world. This is your jam, and it’s yours for up to seven days. Change it whenever you want, but choose wisely. You only have one!

So how does it work? It’s simple.

1. Sign in and create an account.

this is my jam

2. Choose people to follow (you’ll need content in your music feed).

thisismyjam 1

3. Choose a jam to share.

thisismyjam 2

thisismyjam 3thisismyjam 4

4. Customize your jam.

thisismyjam 5

5. Listen to jams.

thisismyjam 6thisismyjam 7

It’s that easy.

Stay tuned.

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Jared Moya
I've been interested in P2P since the early, high-flying days of Napster and KaZaA. I believe that analog copyright laws are ill-suited to the digital age, and that art and culture shouldn't be subject to the whims of international entertainment industry conglomerates. Twitter | Google Plus

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