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Facebook Panda: Replace Bing Maps with Google Maps on Facebook

Facebook Panda: Replace Bing Maps with Google Maps on Facebook

Chrome extension gets rid of the awful Bing Maps and replaces it with the far more useful Google Maps.

Developers have created tons of Chrome extensions to help make your Facebook experience more enjoyable, and Facebook Panda is the latest and greatest to join the mix.

For nothing is quite as useless on Facebook as Bing Maps. Microsoft’s map utility does little to tell you where something is actually located, and leaves you feeling annoyed that you even bothered wasting your time looking at it at all.

Well, Facebook Panda solves that problem by replacing it with the ever useful Google Maps.

Now you can’t zoom in and out like you can with Bing Maps, but you really don’t need to. It shows a zoom shot with much more info about its location that Bing Maps ever has.

Here’s an example…


facebook panda3


facebook panda2

Pretty cool right?

Where it comes in really handy, however is when it comes to events. Surely you’ve never used Bing Maps to get directions to and from an event, but you have probably used Google Maps.

Now when you click the map on an event the location opens up in Google Maps instead!


See, now you can get REAL directions.


Now it doesn’t work everywhere on Facebook, but it does work on events, profiles, and tagged locations.

When you click on ‘View Map’ you will be taken to the location on Google Maps.

Stay tuned.

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