How to Quickly Download Every Photo from any Tumblr Blog

How to Quickly Download Every Photo from any Tumblr Blog

Guide to downloading every photo on any Tumblr bog with a few simple clicks.

Tumblr blogs are pretty popular among photographers, graphic designers, artists,  and other creative types looking to display their multimedia creations online (myself included). The problem for fans looking to download an artist’s work and save it to their computer is that it usually means having to visit each and every page, and painstakingly download them one at a time. That is, unless you know a better method, which I just happen to have to share.

There’s a number of free, small utility programs (Gettumblrpic, Tumblr-Downloader), but the best of the bunch has to be TumblRipper hands down.

It has arguably the most features, quickest download time, and best of all, never ever seems to freeze up (forcing you to start over from scratch).

With TumblRipper I was able to download, for example all of the 2,234 images on my personal Tumblr blog in about 5 minutes with just a few clicks of the mouse. That’s far easier than having to go through each and every page.

So how does it work? It’s simple.

  1. Download and install TumblRipper.
  2. Open TumblRipper and choose a directory you wish to save your downloaded images to.
  3. Enter the HTTP address of the Tumblr site.
  4. Choose desired options: Preview downloads (takes longer, more RAM), and get videos.
  5. Select “Start.” TumblRipper will then scan the blog for images, and then download them to the directory you’ve chosen.

And if for whatever reason it missed a few images, or you want to make sure you’ve download them all, notice that you can opt for a “complete rescan” and “download missing.”

Download TumblRipper