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Mega Growing in Wake of PRISM Leak

Mega Growing in Wake of PRISM Leak

Update: To help clear things up, Kim Dotcom got in touch with Zeropaid and said the following: “We don’t have access to decrypted files. We can’t search files. All is encrypted. 3D gun links taken down were posted on gun maker site.”

Kim Dotcom has taken to Twitter in his usual fashion, to announce to the world that thanks to PRISM and its global puppetry like surveillance of us all, subscriptions to the encrypted Mega network have gone through the roof, something he is of course, pleased with.

“Since the PRISM story broke, #Mega is growing rapidly. The privacy company is happy to serve you. Thank you for using Mega,” his tweet reads.

We saw a similar occurrence last week, when Turkish protesters began subscribing to VPN services in droves, to prevent any government crack downs on internet usage and to maintain their anonymity online. However, these sorts of services are only as good as the security at the website you’r using, so the question at this point, for those looking to avoid PRISM tracking, how secure is Mega?

While we’ve seen evidence that the encryption is quite tight on the site – Dotcom’s fulfilled security bounties should suggest that most holes in it have been fixed – we do know that Dotcom has no problem asking his staff to delete any mention of 3D printed gun plans on the service. If that’s the case, then there must be an automated way to search for files before they’re unencrypted otherwise, how would anyone at Mega be able to search for and delete anything in particular?

Normal guns though, he has no problem with.

Normal guns though, he has no problem with.

Of course for PRISM to be able to leer over Mega and its users, Dotcom or someone in his food chain would need to grant governmental permission for access, which seems very unlikely given the internet mogul’s history of dealings with the US and other authorities, but if the government can legally spy on people without a warrant, would it be that much of a leap to see them make use of some of the copyright infringement tools Mega offers, for nefarious aims?

Lots of questions there making me sound like a conspiracy theorist. I don’t think Dotcom is planning anything, but PRISM has been seen to be so overarching, it makes you wonder if anywhere is safe to store data.


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