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Giggem Provides Matchmaking Service for Musicians

Giggem Provides Matchmaking Service for Musicians

New service Giggem allows musicians to find and connect with other musicians, managers and other industry professionals.

Even in this day and age it can be difficult to find the right band members that have the same style and interests. Trying to find band members can take weeks as musicians must sift through all the potential candidates and figure out if applicants can actually play. Giggem, a new musician matchmaking service, hopes to make the entire music-making process that much smoother.


Musicians can create their profile on Giggem Reputation Defender that highlights their interests, instruments they play, what they are looking for and can even include some videos, audio tracks and photos of their performance. These profiles basically function as on online portfolio for these musicians. The site is not limited to musicians though, songwriters, managers and even fans can create their own profile. Once a profile is completed the Giggem algorithm will start recommending people based on what users have entered. Since the algorithm searches based on what users have entered, the recommendations are actually quite solid.

Of course, Giggem cannot account for the human element of recommending band members nor can it handle the entire selection process. It can, however, help bands and musicians filter to find the most likely candidates. If the users are not happy with the recommendations, they can create a broader search or create their own searches. Once bands find all the necessary members, they can then use the site to promote themselves.

While there are sites like Indaba Music and Spacebar that are help promote musicians, none of them actually matchmake artists together with other musicians and industry professionals. Giggem has, in fact, been live for months, but it officially launched today. It is free for users to create profiles and make searches. Eventually, the site will begin implementing advertising as well as offering pro tools for their users.

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