How To Setup and Use BitTorrent Sync

How To Setup and Use BitTorrent Sync

An easy-to-follow guide for users wishing to setup and properly configure BitTorrent sync so that they can safely and securely share data with family, friends, and multiple devices.

Last week a BitTorrent Sync Alpha went live to the public, giving anybody and everybody the ability to synchronize files and folders of any size across multiple devices along with family and friends they give access to.

Sync is unlimited, secure file-syncing,” said BitTorrent Inc. describe their latest innovation.  “You can use it for remote backup. Or, you can use it to transfer large folders of personal media between users and machines; editors and collaborators. It’s simple. It’s free. It’s the awesome power of P2P, applied to file-syncing.”

Every sync folder has its own “a common secret—a private key” that connects them. The must be entered on all the devices you want to sync. You can share the secret with others that you want to allows access to your sync network.

The only questions that remains for a lot of people is how do you set it up and how do you use it?


1. Download and install BitTorrent Sync (available for Mac, PC, and Linux).

2. Enter the shared key if you’ve been asked to join somebody else’s sync network, otherwise select ‘Standard Setup.”

2. Choose a folder you want to sync.


3. Copy the secret key to share with others or to use on other devices.

4. Choose what kind of access you want to allow for shared folders.

When sharing folders with others you should choose what kind of access you want to give them. Do you want to give them FULL access, meaning they can possinly alter/delete important data, or do you want to make it “read only” so that they can only read and copy things?

Open BitTorrent Sync, double click the folder, select the “Advanced” tab and choose “Full Access” or “Read Only.”

5. Add folders shared by others.

Select “Add,” enter the “Shared secret” key generated by the other person and shared with you.

6. Share folders with others.

Select “Add,” choose a “Folder to sync,” and then “Generate” a Shared secret key to give to others.

7. 24hr time limit-shared folders.

Sharing folders with others temporarily – 24hrs – is easy. Double-click the desired folder, select the “Advanced” tab, and then select ‘Generate & Copy” for a “One-time secret.”

It’s that easy.

Stay tuned.

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