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Full Dotcom Spying Documents Released

Full Dotcom Spying Documents Released

Full court documents of how the New Zealand government and US authorities spied on and planned the arrest of Kim Dotcom revealing have been released, letting us in on some interesting details about what led up to the eventual raid of Dotcom’s mansion which saw him arrested, on 20th January 2012.

If you’d like to view the documents, they are exhaustive scans of affidavits from different parties, with pages and pages of coverage. All of them can be found over at, but here’s the direct links:

GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau) Affidavits:
Affidavit of 17 September 2012 Affidavit_of_17_September_2012.pdf
Affidavit of 22 October 2012 Affidavit_of_22_October_2012.pdf
Affidavit of Disclosure AFFIDAVIT_OF_DISCLOSURE.pdf

Kim Dotcom Affidavits:
Affidavit of Kim Dotcom Affidavit_of_Kim_Dotcom.pdf

Grant Wormald of OFCANZ (Organised and Finanical Crime Agency of NZ):
Affidavit of Wormald Part 1 AFFIDAVIT_OF_WORMALD_PT_1.pdf
Affidavit of Wormald Part 2 AFFIDAVIT_OF_WORMALD_PT_2.pdf
Affidavit of Wormald Part 3 AFFIDAVIT_OF_WORMALD_PT_3.pdf
Affidavit of Wormald Part 4 AFFIDAVIT_OF_WORMALD_PT_4.pdf
Affidavit of Wormald Part 5 AFFIDAVIT_OF_WORMALD_PT_5.pdf
Affidavit of Wormald Part 6 AFFIDAVIT_OF_WORMALD_PT_6.pdf
Affidavit of Wormald Part 7 AFFIDVIT_OF_WORMALD_PT_7.pdf
Affidavit of Wormald final AFFIDAVIT_OF_WORMALD_final.pdf

After a look through some of these, some interesting information comes to light – and no doubt more will be revealed as people trawl through these. One noticeable statement comes from police officer, Grant Wormald, who said that the FBI had been in touch with his local constabulary as early as September 2011. The bureau was interested to know whether the officers would be willing to arrest Kim Dotcom and his fellow co-defendants on the subjects birthday, one day after the eventual raid, 21st January 2012.

The FBI also took over the investigation shortly after this discussion.


The Dotcom raid was noted for its excessive force and use of manpower.

GCSB was brought into the picture a bit further down the line, when it was realised that some of the people the FBI and local law enforcement wanted to detain, may be abroad. In order to “lawfully target them,” as the document describes, the GCSB’s legal influence would be required.

However, after the raid went down, the GCSB were quite quickly aware that it could be in trouble. In a meeting with officers on the 21st February 2012, the GCSB admitted that because of Dotcom and Van der Kolk’s New Zealand residency status, the arrest may not have been entirely lawful.

There’s loads of information there if you’re willing to do a bit of reading. What did you guys unearth?



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