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Capture Allows Users to Take Pictures During Google Hangouts

Capture Allows Users to Take Pictures During Google Hangouts

Google Hangout releases a new app, Capture, that allows users to snap pictures during a Hangout-in-progress.

Google Hangout is perhaps the most popular Google+ product because  it “…brings people together, and when they do, all sorts of awesome can unfold.” Google recently announced a new app for Hangout called Capture. This app will allow users to take pictures during a Hangout session. The Capture app is implemented seamlessly into the Hangouts and offers far more features than a standard screenshot. Some of the features include:

  • Easy one-click screen capture with the Hangouts Capture app.
  • Storage of all photos in a shared album, visible only to other Hangout invitees
  • Quick viewing of photos while inside the Hangout, when browsing your photo albums, or by visiting the original Hangout post

Capture screenshot

More importantly, users will always know when the app is in use: when users join a Hangout, when someone opens the app, and whenever a picture is taken.

The design of the Hangouts capture app is simple and looks like the default camera app in Android or iOS. To use the app, just open it up, wait for the right moment and then take the picture. Users can take as many pictures as they wish and everyone involved in the Hangout will know when the app is open, so it won’t lead to any surprises. In fact, it could lead to even better pictures since everyone involved knows that a picture of them could be taken at any moment. The best part? All attendees of the hangout can go back into the shared folder and retrieve any pictures that were taken during the session even after the Hangout has ended.

The Hangouts Capture app will be available worldwide soon within the traditional Hangouts app, alongside YouTube and Effects.

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