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Snoox Recommendation Platform Launches on iOS and Android

Snoox Recommendation Platform Launches on iOS and Android

Snoox popular recommendation engine is now available for free download on iOS and Android devices.

Snoox came out originally for the web back in November 2012 and since then has been amassing a large fan base. For those unfamiliar with the platform, Snoox is similar to Pinterest as users create boards. Unlike Pinterest, these boards serve the purpose of recommending places and things to friends. The original web version allows logged-in users to type in whatever interests them. Snoox then searches for images on the web and then users add their own link. Once the company worked out the backend on the web, they then raised $2 million in funding to launch on both mobile platforms.

Snoox app

The iOS and Android apps offer the same experience as the web. While beautiful images and links are best-suited to the web, as Pinterest has shown, searching for recommendations is most useful on the go. Guy Poreh, Snoox Founder, is aware that the mobile market is critical for their success. Much of Snoox’s traffic was already coming from mobile before the release of the app. The delayed release was mainly because the company wanted to “make sure that they had an infrastructure in place that supported the structured data search.” One of the biggest advantages of the mobile app is that it uses the GPS function on phones to further tailor the search experience. This means that users can immediately find something interesting around them.

Poreh is not just stopping at mobile. He states, “We want to be on web, mobile, TV, everything. But we’re starting with mobile.” Snoox does have some competition in the recommendation platform market from Stamped (recently acquired by Yahoo!) and Thumb. Snoox is available for free download in iTunes and Google Play.

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