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Instahancer: iOS Tweak to Save, Share, Copy, and Zoom Instagram Photos

Instahancer: iOS Tweak to Save, Share, Copy, and Zoom Instagram Photos

Jailbreak tweak allows you to save Instagram photos, email to family or friends, and more.

One of the more frustrating limitations of the Instagram app is the inability to save, share, and view photos as you see fit. To name just but a few, you can neither download photos to save for later viewing nor can you zoom into large or detailed photos that you’d like to take a closer look at.

Solution? Instahancer. Instahancer is a Cydia tweak for jailbroken iOS devices (detailed how-to guide here) that eliminates these annoying limitations and makes the app more convenient and user-friendly than ever before.

“Frustrated trying to figure out how to save Instagram Photos to your device?” asks the developer. “Worry no more, Instahancer seamlessly add’s this ability, as if it came by default. Simply Tap+Hold on a photo you would like to save and be presented with several Save options; To Camera or Instagram Roll(s), Attach to Email, Copy Image to your clipboard, or even Copy the direct link itself!”

That’s all there is too it. All you have to do is press and hold your finger on the image of your choice and you will be prompted to choose one of several options:

  • Save ” save Instagram photos in Camera Roll.
  • Attach to Email ” send image via an e-mail.
  • Copy to Clipboard ” copy image to clipboard and paste it in an app that supports copy/paste.
  • Copy Link to Clipboard ” copy image link and send it to your friends.
  • Zoom ” view images in greater detail.

“Another feature Instahancer bestows upon you is the ability to Save Caption Drafts,” adds the developer. “Tired of copying your caption, going back just to paste it again? Use Instahancer Save Draft feature to keep your caption in memory for when you do decide to do that post, it’ll automatically pre-fill it for you! Instahancer preferences can be found in Settings.”

The developer promises “More Instagram Enhancement’s coming soon!”

Instahancer costs $0.99. but is well worth the wasted time and frustration you’ll save yourself from not being able to control Instagram photos as you’d like to.

Instahancer is available for download from the ModMyi repository in Cydia.

So how do you get it working on your iPhone or iPad? It?s easy.

1. Jailbreak your iOS device (if you haven?t already).

2. Open the Cydia app on your Springboard.

3. Search for Instahancer (or use this link).

4. Restart your Springboard.

Stay tuned.

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Jared Moya
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