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Pirate Party Speaks Out Against UK Decision to Ban More Sites

Pirate Party Speaks Out Against UK Decision to Ban More Sites

Pirate Party states High Court’s decision forcing ISPs to ban pirating sites will not have any affect on the music industry’s sales.

A recent decision made by the UK High Court is forcing the largest UK broadband providers to ban more sites at the request of the music industry. This ban will effectively cut off internet access to three sites: Kickass Torrents, H33t and Fenopy. This ban comes a year later after the High Court ruled in favor of the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) against large file service the Pirate Bay.

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The court order accounts for around 94 percent of the UK’s broadband market and includes 6 leading internet providers such as BSkyB, BT, Virgin Media and three other ISPs.

Loz Kaye, Party Leader of the UK Pirate Party issued a press release stating that the BPI was “out of control” and that “The British music industry has nothing positive to show from their site blocks and personal legal threats.” Data, in fact, suggests that the blocking of the Pirate Bay last year only had a short-term effect on online piracy, with the levels of peer-to-peer activity returning to normal soon after the judgement.

Even Foreign Secretary William Hague said last October that ‘efforts to suppress the Internet are wrong and are bound to fail over time’. Despite this, BPI Chief Executive Geoff Taylor believes that blocking these illegal sites will help ensure that the digital market for music continues to grow.

Although the Pirate Party offered UK users a workaround to the Pirate Bay ban last year, these rulings seem to be effective in driving out smaller file-sharing sites. Newzbin2, one of the more popular file-sharing sites with over 700,000 members, closed its doors last November due to financial problems after legal action taken against Newzbin1.

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