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AssistantEhancer Adds Tons of Cool Siri Commands to Your iPhone

AssistantEhancer Adds Tons of Cool Siri Commands to Your iPhone

Jailbreak tweak lets you tell Siri do loads more stuff like play your favorite Spotify playlist, search for song lyrics, find local concerts and events, search specific sites and places only, and much, much, much more.

Siri has always been a pretty powerful voice application for mobile iOS devices, and thanks to a number of Siri-related jailbreak tweaks it’s become even more powerful over the past year. The latest and greatest to hit the scene is AssistantEhancer, a tweak that gives users a “slew of new features.”

“Not everyone uses the default music app which Siri is limited to controlling,” notes the developer.” AssistantEnhancer integrates Spotify, Grooveshark, and even Pandora with Siri to allow access to a nearly endless supply of music. Tell Siri to play your favorite Spotify playlist, create a station for your artist of choice on Pandora, play one of the millions of songs Grooveshark and Spotify have access to, or dozens of other commands.”

You can even use Siri to conveniently search for a past song’s lyrics or get the lyrics to the song you’re currently listening to.

Want to search for local events? Tell Siri to “Find concerts happening this weekend” and Siri will show you a list and a convenient way to buy tickets to them. But it doesn’t stop with concerts; you can search for any event, from hiking groups to book readings.

Additional Siri commands include:

  • Music Control: Play artist, playlist, etc. on Spotify, Pandora, or Grooveshark.
  • System Toggles: Control Wi-Fi/bluetooth/vibration, brightness, respring.
  • Lyrics: Show lyrics for any or currently playing song.
  • Local event Search: any kind of event, any timeframe.
  • New Search Integration: App Store, Netflix, Yelp, Amazon, eBay, Google Images
  • System Queries: Storage space, memory, battery.
  • Go to website
  • Call the police

The best feature, in my opinion, might just be the ability to tell Siri to keep track of where you parked your car and then GIVE YOU DIRECTIONS for how to return to it.

So how do you get it working on your iPhone or iPad? It’s easy.

1. Jailbreak your iOS device (if you haven’t already).

2. Open the Cydia app on your Springboard.

3. Search for AssistantEnhancer (or use this link).

4. Restart your Springboard.


Stay tuned.

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