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Razer Edge Tablets for Hardcore Gamers Available for Pre-Order in March

Razer Edge Tablets for Hardcore Gamers Available for Pre-Order in March

New gamer Razer Edge tablets will be available for pre-order March 1st and will ship later in the month.

For serious gamers, the apps on the standard tablets like the iPad may be too simplistic to satisfy their gaming needs. Unfortunately, you can’t easily carry around and play games on PCs or even laptops. Razer, however, has created the tablet solution for hardcore gamers – the Razer Edge and Edge Pro. The Edge  is touted as being the most powerful tablet on the market, and for good reason. The Razer Edge  features:

  • High definition multi-touch display
  • Intel Core i5 or i7 processor
  • Nvidia Geforce graphics cards with Optimum technology
  • 10.1″ display
  • 8GB DDR Memory
  • 128/256 GB Internal storage
razer edge tablet

Users can play practically any PC game on the market without any lag or noticeable decrease in graphics. The Razer Edge tablets were designed specifically for the PC gamer market in mind and therefore have a variety of accessories like a gaming pad, keyboard and dock. These accessories must be purchased separately and can cost quite a bit of money with the Gamepad controllers going for $249.

Aside from playing standard computer games, the Edge Pro can, like all other tablets, access all of the various apps available on the Android App stores as well as all the Microsoft 8 apps. The Edge tablets are not cheap, unfortunately. The Edge core  i5 tablets will cost $999 while the Razer Edge Pro core i7 tablets will cost a$1,299. A completely decked out Razer Edge pro with the Gamepad controller rings will run around $1,698. This tablet is definitely not for the casual gamer, however if you think that you will be getting a lot of use from this hefty gaming tablet, it might be worth the price of admission. Razer is opening up pre-orders on March 1st with shipment dates later on this month.

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