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Xamarin 2.0 Updates Core Features with Visual Studio Plugin

Xamarin 2.0 Updates Core Features with Visual Studio Plugin

Xamarin 2.0 now allows users to utilize Xamarin plugin to create iOS apps in C# and also introduces free starter edition.

Xamarin, the service that allows users to create cross-platform apps, has just announced the release of the Xamarin 2.0. The highlight of the Xamarin 2.0 for almost all developers is the ability to use the Xamarin plugin with for Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Now developers can easily create iOS apps in C#.

xamarin 2.0

Aside from this feature, Xamarin 2.0 also has created a new integrated development environment (IDE). The IDE is integrated with Apple iOS and Android SDKs so developers can build, test and debug apps on simulators and actual devices. After developers have completed all the necessary tests, they can also package and distribute apps directly from the IDE. It makes the entire app creation process much more streamlined for developers.

Practically all of the core features have been updated in 2.0 based on the most popular user feedback. Xamarin 2.0 now offers developers code completion and a modern debugger. In addition, the new Xamarin Studio offers it’s own UI builder for Android while using Apple’s Xcode Interface builder for iOS. Developers that don’t wish to build their own UI can now access the new component store, where the can easily add user interface controls, connections to third-part cloud services and more with just a few simple clicks. The majority of these components are tied to paid services through Xamarin, however there are a few available for free.

For developers just getting started who cannot afford the $299/year fee for the full version of Xamarin 2.0, the company  has released a free starter edition. The free version does not come with any support and can only be used to develop up to 32K of compiled codes.

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