How to Clean Up Your Facebook Account

How to Clean Up Your Facebook Account

Remove undesirable status updates, posts, tags, pics and more so you can land a new job or just make it more professional-looking.

Our Facebook accounts are used to update family and friends about what’s going on in our lives, and all too often that means status updates, posts, and pictures that show us in an unprofessional light.

You could delete your Facebook account and start from scratch, but that would mean unnecessarily getting rid of stuff that you’d like to keep intact.

A much better method of cleaning up your Facebook account is to use a web app called SimpleWash.  SimpleWash searches your account for questionable content and then flags it for you to delete.

It does so based on a preset list of “undesirable content” that includes words that range from things like sex to pot to smoking to curse words.

“SimpleWash comes with a precompiled list of words that may be considered offensive or alarming to those viewing your social history,” says the company. ” This list spans a broad spectrum of ‘dirtiness,’ from sex to drugs to curse words and more (it even includes some seriously abstract crazy things you might have posted).”

Think there might be a word that isn’t covered? Want to erase all mention of say your favorite sports team or previous employers? You can create your own “undesirable content” list.

It also searches the Pages that you’ve “liked” for objectionable content.

SimpleWash will perform a search and return results in separate categories “Comments posted on your wall” and “Links that you have liked.”

Each result has a blue, clickable link that takes you directly to the post. There you can delete or change its privacy settings as you see fit.

Here’s how it works.


1. Go to SimpleWash and select ‘Get Started” and “Sign in with Facebook.”

2. Select “Start.”




3. Go to the desired category or browse them all.

4. Delete or alter the results using the links shown.

It’s that easy.

The company promises a Twitter version is “coming soon.”

Stay tuned.

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