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Dotcom Lawyer Claims Evidence Request Not Delaying Tactic

Dotcom Lawyer Claims Evidence Request Not Delaying Tactic

The New Zealand intelligence agency GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau) has appealed a high court ruling that Kim Dotcom and his defence team should be given access to evidence gathered by the agency during their illegal spying of the Megaupload owner, claiming that the request was simply a delaying tactic by the man’s legal defence. Dotcom’s defence denies these claims.

In the past US authorities have used far reaching excuses as to why the data was seized from Dotcom in the first place. In some instances even saying that child pornography was found on the servers. However in recent months a high court ruled that indeed Dotcom and his team should be given access to the evidence against him and his fellow Megaupload staff members, in order for them to present an adequate legal defence.


Since his arrest, Dotcom has launched Mega, as well as pushing for a new music site, Megabox

The reason cited by the New Zealand and US authorities for suggesting this is a new delaying tactic, is because there was no specific request from Dotcom’s team, they simply wanted to see all of it. This was countered when Dotcom’s lawyer Willie Akel explained that since the defence had no idea what was in the evidence, there was no way that they could ask for any particular part of it.

All of the back and forth and evidence gathering, is related to Dotcom’s extradition trial, which is now set for August 2013 – despite his initial arrest for a variety of charges occurring all the way back in January 2012. Since then, much of the prosecution’s case has fallen apart, with the raid on Dotcom’s property deemed illegal due to warrants that were issued being invalid. On top of that, the surveillance of Dotcom and his associate Bram Van der Kolk before their arrest, has also been deemed illegal.

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