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DrawQuest App Is Like a Coloring Book for the iPad

DrawQuest App Is Like a Coloring Book for the iPad

New DrawQuest App by Moot poses daily drawing challenges for users and provides templates for creative revamping.

Christopher Poole, 4Chan founder, launched the iPad app Canvas back in 2011 as a way to remix images and reduce the friction surrounding image creation. Unfortunately, the program only appealed to users who were already actively involved in the remixing community and did not attract anyone new to the group. To attract customers who want to create their own images, Poole created DrawQuest.


DrawQuest presents users with daily drawing challenges. The app gives users a template, which they then can fill in by using the intuitive touch interface and app editor’s. Users can choose different colors, add images and much more. It’s kind of like a digital coloring book for adults. After the drawing is complete, users will then publish it to the greater community. Each drawing will become a part of the user’s profile for others to check out. Users can also check out the other drawings made by the community in a gallery. For those interested in seeing the evolution of a drawing from start to finish, DrawQuest offers a drawback feature where users can watch a video of the progress.

DrawQuest isn’t simply a coloring app, it’s also a social tool. Users can follow other people whose drawings they like. They can also post their and other people’s drawings to various forms of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. DrawQuest is definitely not for artists who are shy about their work, as all drawings MUST be shared with the community.

The editing tool for DrawQuest was made completely from scratch and runs natively on the iPad and its companion website. The interface and editing tools are easy for people of all ages to use. Currently, there are no plans on monetizing the app, though it could ride the creative wave that OMGPOP’s Draw Something began.

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