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Sooligan: iPhone App for Exploring New Cities with Tips, Help from Locals

Sooligan: iPhone App for Exploring New Cities with Tips, Help from Locals

Free iPhone app allows users to ask questions, receive answers and get real-time info and tips about a city from people that live there.

Whether you’re just passing through, first moving in, or looking to learn more about the city around you, Sooligan is an interesting new iPhone app that allows users to get to know a city better with the help of people that actually live there.

“Sooligan will help you experience the next city you’re in like a Local,” says the company in a press release. “Users can ask questions on topics, venues or activities in a certain area and rely on locals to respond with expert advice.”

Users can ask questions and get real-time tips and answers on anything they want to know about a city, be it where the best hamburgers are served, which  dive bars are the most fun, to what neighborhoods are best for raising children or have the lowest crime rate.

Sooligan says it uses a “unique algorithm” in order to  pair your questions with locals who are experts on a given topic, venue or activity you want to learn about.

“Sooligan really fills a void in the social media realm,” says co-founder Nikka Umil. “Other services are cluttered, outdated and only link you to people you already know, making them less than helpful. We build upon the useful features of other apps to enhance the social experience and digitalize word of mouth, making sharing and receiving information instantaneous and fun!”

The purposes of Sooligan, notes co-founders Nikka Umil and Natasia Malaihol, , is to fill the need for a social network where users can send and receive up-to-date information in real-time.

One of Sooligan’s features is the “rant and rave” feed where “Sooligans” can share positive or negative experiences at locations, business, or events around the city.  They can be as specific as stating that a certain menu item like a sandwich or soup at a restaurant was horrible or the best you’ve ever had.

With Sooligan you can truly get to know a city with the help of the people that know it best.

Right now it’s only available for the iPhone, but it promises an Android app is “coming soon.”

Stay tuned.

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