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Bittorrent Labs To Offer Insight Into New Developments

Bittorrent Labs To Offer Insight Into New Developments

BitTorrent Inc. is set to launch a new service that will give fans of the platform an insight into upcoming and future developments, as well as giving them access to early alpha builds, should they wish to get in on the ground floor.

“Introducing BitTorrent Labs. We call it our test kitchen,” reads the BitTorrent Inc. statement. “Our playground. It’s where BitTorrent experiments live. And we’re opening it up to everyone. Because BitTorrent innovation is for everyone.”

There are several developments already available for perusal, including BitTorrent Surf, One Hash and One Click, as well as Torque projects like Beam it Over and Paddle Over. Two new “experiments,” have been announced as well, including, BitTorrent said: “Sync, a distributed personal file syncing product. It’s a pre-Alpha, and we’re calling for early user participation,” and, “BTC, a tool for command line fans. It’s a torrenting shortcut.”

Some of the alphas available via the new BitTorrent Labs have been around for a short while. We previewed BitTorrent surf – an extension that lets you download torrents from within your browser – just a few days ago. If you want to give it a try, here’s our simple setup guide.

Epic Meal Time

One of the few recent promotions BitTorrent Inc has been involved with

As well as opening up new services, BitTorrent Inc has been doing a lot of cross promotion recently. By working with authors and webshows, it’s raising its profile and also helping to further legitimise torrents. While there is plenty of copyright ‘protected’ material that’s available via torrents, there’s also a lot of original content too and these moves can help show that. The latest team up was with Epic Meal Time, offering a “bittorrent bundle” via a featured content page.

So what do you guys think? Will you be interested in seeing what BitTorrent Inc is upto? And what do you think of the current cross promotions? Comment or tweet us below.

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