Mega Overtakes Rapidshare, DropBox

Mega Overtakes Rapidshare, DropBox

Kim Dotcom’s Mega is continuing to stampede its way through its fellow file locker websites, contemptuously knocking them aside despite their years of hard work and presence. Mega, after only five days of operation has beaten out long standing cloud storage companies Rapidshare and DropBox and become one of the world’s most popular websites.

If the launch day signups and traffic were something to shout home about, after the surge of media attention that Mega garnered over the next few days from sites like ourselves, it only got stronger and now we’re at a stage where Mega has almost broken into the top 100 sites in the world. Its overall 3 month rank is still in the low thousands, but if you look at the daily results, you’ll see that now sits at 141st.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this achievement is the fact that over the past few days, Mega hasn’t been operating at peak capacity. Due to the unprecedented traffic, it suffered slow downs, downtime and many were simply unable to use it for nearly 48 hours after launch. Most of those issues now appear to have been alleviated and Dotcom has announced that the launch of his next site, Megabox, will not feature the huge opening ceremony celebration that Mega had, in order to focus more on the site itself.

There’s also been talk from some publications that the security offered by Mega isn’t quite as strong as its made out to be. To counter these claims, Dotcom has hinted that he plans to offer cash prize incentives to anyone that can crack it – which is a smart way to deal with claims that your site isn’t secure. This way if there are problems they get found out and fixed and Dotcom looks confident but not cocky.

So Zeropaid readers, I presume you’re part of the millions checking out Mega at the moment. What are you experiences with it like so far?