Becomes Biggest New Zealand Site, Impacts Drop Box Becomes Biggest New Zealand Site, Impacts Drop Box

In just three days, Kim Dotcom’s newly launched Mega file locker website has become the biggest in the whole of New Zealand, beating out and by huge margins. On top of that, it had a big impact on the visitor numbers for file locker alternative Drop Box.

This news was tweeted out by Kim Dotcom just a few minutes ago, who posted screen grabs of Mega’s Alex ranking information when compared with those of rival NZ websites and other file locker companies. While Megaupload was a big success in its day, nobody really expected Mega to have such interest, so early on in its life.

Perhaps more interesting than Mega’s national growth however, is its impact on Dropbox. As Dotcom points out, on the Mega launch day, as well as his own site getting huge visitor spikes, Dropbox saw a reduction in traffic:

Continuing with the Alexa stats, looking at them at the time of writing, Mega has now reached just over 14,000th in the world, which makes it bigger than sites like – in just three days.

Other information tweeted out by Dotcom in the past few hours includes the fact that Mega already has over 60 completed uploads every second, suggesting that the slowdowns we reported on yesterday are beginning to be alleviated. This is no doubt down to the extra servers Dotcom said had been brought online along with several bug fixes.

Dotcom also said that he’d learned his lesson from Mega and while it was fun doing a big launch event with singing and fake FBI helicopters, ultimately he knows he needs to be watching the site backend to jump on any potential problems early.