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Dotcom’s Mega Struggles To Stay Online Due to Traffic

Dotcom’s Mega Struggles To Stay Online Due to Traffic

Two days ago, one of the most anticipated website launches in history took place, when Kim Dotcom cut the ribbon on Mega, his sequel and spiritual successor to the previously shut down Megaupload file locker, that was seized and taken down by a mixture of New Zealand and US authorities this time last year. However, it appears the site wasn’t necessarily prepared for its early popularity, with hundreds of thousands attempting to use the service and grinding it to a halt.

Soon after launching Dotcom declared that 250,000 users had signed up in the first few hours and that server capacity was quickly maxed out. This is something that claimed would calm down as time went on, but even now users are still complaining of problems.

Upload speeds certainly aren’t hugely impressive, around a few Kbps for some people – though it is improved ever so slightly by creating a new account. Others have complained of the site taking a long time to load – though some are suggesting that tapping in the URL without the “www” can help. Others still aren’t happy at the fact that you need an up to date HTML5 supporting browser to access; Mega suggests Chrome if you try and access it with one that doesn’t work well.

File Upload

A common site on Mega at the moment

Making an account is proving troublesome for some too, though personally I had no problem singing up for one at the time of writing. Neither did a million others on launch day.

While Dotcom is usually a prolific tweeter, we haven’t heard anything from the man in nearly 48 hours. This is probably an indication that he’s working hard on the back end attempting to alleviate the problems, as if they continue, it will mar the launch of a site that announced its intentions to change the way file locker sites operate – potentially making them far safer for users to have accounts without fear of corporations looking over their shoulders.

The popularity of the site is also fantastic slap in the face of the media corporations that tried to hinder its launch by blocking its radio advertising.

I imagine more than a few Zeropaid readers have a Mega account. How have you been finding it so far?


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