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QuikIO: Stream, Download, and Share Your Desktop Pics, Music, and Videos to Apple TV

QuikIO: Stream, Download, and Share Your Desktop Pics, Music, and Videos to Apple TV

QuikIO app for iPhone and iPad allows users to stream video from their computer to living room TV via Apple TV.

Since last November, QuikIO has made desktop pics, music, and videos increasingly accessible to an array of mobile iOS devices, and now it’s gone one step further by making the leap to the living room TV via Apple TV.

Last November, QuikIO first released an app that allowed users to stream, download, or share files with family and friends from your a desktop computer to iPads.

A month later it launched a follow up app that brought the same capability to iPhones.

Now both iOS versions have added Apple TV support so that users can stream content from all AirPlay enabled iOS devices to Apple TV. What this means is that using your iPad or iPhone you can instantly access, download or share media files from a home or remote PC or Mac.

Want to watch a flic from home at a friends house? No problem if they have Apple TV.

Want to listen to your favorite album at a relatives house? No problem if they have Apple TV.

“QuikIO has rapidly become a #1 download in many countries with tens of thousands of users and growing fans exponentially,” said Michael Chen, QuikIO CEO and co-founder. “In response to the high demand by the QuikIO user community, we have added Apple TV integration. QuikIO is the first iOS app to let you to share and play your HD video within 5 seconds anywhere, anytime!”

With QuikIO, any PC and Mac user can enjoy video or music on an Apple TV via AirPlay. There is no restriction on the computer’s hardware model and OS version.

Features include:

  • Seamless switching between Apple TV and any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch enables a multi-screen experience with QuikIO
  •  Seamless remote access — media traffic is efficiently and securely routed in a peer-to-peer network similar to Skype
  • Easy-to-use user interface — Just press and play with all media content displayed in gallery view
  • QuikSend or Download any video – QuikIO video sharing or downloading is a single step process that is simple, fast and easy
  • Apple TV — Just press Apple TV icon to stream video from your iPhone or iPad to the big screen

QuikIO is free to download (for now).

Stay tuned.

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QuikIO (for iPad)

QuikIO (for iPhone)


Jared Moya
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