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MagicScroll: Chrome Extension Turns Web Pages into Books

MagicScroll: Chrome Extension Turns Web Pages into Books

MagicScroll Web Reader extension for Google’s Chrome browser allows users to turn “every page on the web into a MagicScroll book.”

The advent of tablets and the various incarnations of e-readers have made reading on the web seem even more difficult these days for those sitting behind laptop and desktop screens. Having to use the mouse click wheel or keyboard arrow buttons to navigate a story along with the ads and various other items that often clutter them makes reading Web pages far less convenient and user friendly.

The MagicScroll  web reader extension for Google’s Chrome browser addresses that issue by transforming Web pages into a book-like interface, making them appear as they would on a mobile tablet or e-reader device.

All the clutter on Web pages it difficult to read a story all the way through as your eyes are forced to hurdle ads, annoying flash videos, nonsensical featured links, and more.

MagicScroll fixes all of that by removing everything but the story’s text, and transforming it into an easy-to-read book-like creation.

“The MagicScroll Web Reader turns every page on the web into a MagicScroll book,” writes the developer.

“Its unique scrolling system lets you scroll web pages without moving them, making it easier to read long articles without being distracted.”

A quick test-drive of MagicScroll proves the extension lives up to the hype.

Let’s take a look.

So here’s what a story on ZeroPaid looks like before using MagicScroll. After you download and install the extension  you’ll see a book icon appear in the toolbar.

Now when you click the icon it’ll allow you to “Read with MagicScroll,” turning the Web page into a book. To turn the page and move through a story all you have to do is select the arrows to the left and right of the text – no more click wheel nor having to scan around and over incessant ads, videos, and other debris.

If you notice on the left-hand side of the screen there are a few options you can select: the top is to reload the page back out of MagicScroll; the middle is to adjust font and color settings; the bottom is to report a bug.

If you select the middle option you’ll see that you can increase or decrease the font size, and adjust the color scheme to one your eyes perhaps find more visually appealing.

So what do you think? Is MagicScroll something you’ll be using?

Stay tuned.

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Download MagicScrol (Chrome Web Store)

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